Guest Post: The Twenties and the Pressure to Marry!

My sister, Njahira wrote this post for her friend, Mbithe Nzomo’s blog. I have had this conversation with different people, in different forums and been a recipient of this pressure more this year than any other in my life. I’m with Njahira on this one too. There’s truly no need to rush, even though society doesn’t make it easy with all the constant prodding. I believe God makes all things beautiful in His time and trusting him with this crucial life decision is the only way to go.

The gorgeous Isha Sesay from CNN got married earlier this month at 37 years of age. She looked divine- to say the least, not a day older than 21 and as happy as a bride should be! I preach to the choir as I say, REST. It will happen when it happens. Before then, LIVE. You are not an incomplete human being because you haven’t met the Love of your life yet. Squeeze the life out of every moment. Life is beautiful in every season.


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