New Year Things…

Happy New year good people! I know it’s the 29th day of the year but hey…those of you who are like me, want to hang on to the newness for as long as we can. I am a sucker for clean slates and crispy new pages.I hope your year is off to a great start. If it isn’t, there is no need to fret. You’ve got 336 days left. The possibilities are endless!

My heart is so full this morning. I am back to work from a two month leave which was super refreshing! Ok…at this point I feel like I am at the brink of writing that composition “What I did in my December Holidays.” Ha! I really am thankful though ,for the time I got to spend at home and all the travelling I got to do! I bonded with my family and got to re-connect with many of my friends. Also, I started a business. I never ever deemed myself entrepreneurial but I guess I would never have found out if I never tried. It’s so fun; I love selling! This made me think of all the unexplored things we are. Imagine if Michael Angelo never sculpted or if our very own Lupita Nyong’o never gave performance a try. Man! I am deeply inspired by her. Made me resolve to try out as many things as I can. You just never know!


My heart is full also because I have seen many prayers I have made answered in ways I never thought possible. Our God is so faithful. I have seen healing and restoration where there was emotional and physical infirmity in the lives of those around me. I have seen growth in wisdom and stature. I have seen opportunities explored, burdens cast down and freedom stepped into….

Still, there are areas that I would love to see better progress this year. Among these are first, on a personal place, to finish writing the book (devotional for teen girls) I began last year and develop my mentorship program a little more. I am trusting God to use “Gems for Girls ” which he placed on my heart last year and for growth in leaps and bounds.

On the public front,  I really desire that every single person be content with this season of their life. Especially us ladies.  We have made an idol out of marriage/having a man and I think it is growing by the day. I know this seems “out of the blue” but the level of discontentment among single women is so alarming. It has been the butt of many, many jokes, which though hilarious, point to a deep seated issue.



My friend and I were wondering out loud when exactly it became so urgent for women to settle down. (we have wondered too many times :P). The pressure, both inward and outward is crazy. It is true that the number one need of every woman is affection but is it so bad that it leads to ugly desperation and making wrong choices? None of us is immune to discontentment but when it creeps in, the decision to feed it or starve it, remains our own. This recent, tiny-bit-cheesy movie, that I loved very much, was a refreshing story of single and searching with an obvious happy ending. So much eyecandy going on and I love Paula Patton’s role. She’s so sweet! 🙂


If you are single and have been for a while, you’ve probably heard the words “waiting”, “patience”, “timing” too many times. What I think/have found useful is shifting your mind from this as a focus. Do not let it consume you. I have come to a place where I am convinced that some things are sweeter when they come slower. 🙂 It just is what it is!

Ps: social media is glucose for discontentment.

If you find yourself overcome by a sense of urgency concerning this, make a deliberate choice to focus on the Lord and build a strong relationship with him now- if only because you have the priceless gift of time! Explore your world! Explore your limits! Build lasting friendships. You may have only 2 years left before you start a journey toward “till death do us part.” Maybe a couple of months now or even just a week! Maximize on this precious chance. Give yourself passionately to everything on your lap right now. Again, it’s only a matter of time.

Watch: Dr. Myles Munroe- Singleness

“Yet true godliness with contentment is itself great wealth.”

1 Timothy 6:6



Woah! Man!

It is exactly 6 months since I blogged. I am not going to promise that I am baaaaaaaaaaaaack and will be blogging more often. Naaah… I have failed you on that promise twice before…. More than twice huh? If you’re counting you need to get a new hobby already! 😛 Shout out to a couple of buddies who challenged me to start writing again. Challenged accepted.

I turned 26 last Friday. 26. That’s just 3 years shy of being 3 decades old.

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When I was younger I was a lot more feistier than I am now. My daddy told me often that I was going to become great like Margaret Thatcher/ Indira Gandhi. I am 26. Margaret Thatcher died last week….and though I admired her strength and classic Brit prim and properness, I will never be like the late great Margaret Thatcher. I do not consider myself an ‘iron lady’. I think that’s an oxymoron. Iron Lady. Sorry daddy. I am much too sanguine for iron. I am bubbly and sullen, spirited and soft, spontaneous and cautious- with a little more won’t power than will-power. I am my own cocktail of greatness.

When you turn 26, or at least for me, it hit hard that I am not a child anymore. I will never be one ever again and I would never be excused for acting like one. I would never even excuse myself.

When I was a child, I spoke and thought and reasoned as a child. But when I grew up, I put away childish things. – 1st Corinthians 13:11

I once heard a preacher say that when Eve was presented to Adam by God for the first time, he was so amazed, he exclaimed “whoa! man!” And that is how she became known as Woman. I am a woman. W.O.M.A.N.! Haha! Whew! Child bearing, home keeping, husband ready, boardroom wow-ing, grown, graceful, responsible, strong, courageous, interceeding, wise woman. That’s the picture in my head of what a woman should be. One of my older friends remarked recently, “…being a woman is a tall order!” I agree.


Thing is, I feel so very inadequate in most of these areas. I don’t know if anyone is ever 100% ‘husband ready’ or prepared to be another little human’s ‘everything’. My career is only just taking off… and I have all these blurry, mammoth dreams that I am so eager to make sense of.

Still, I am thankful. So thankful for the far I have come in this life journey. I am still discovering myself and as much as I get impatient sometimes, I rest in the fact that my Creator has good plans for me and will be faithful to complete the work he began in me. I am confident that as long as I try to stay in step with Him, the dance, even though not flawless, will remain beautiful.

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I hope to leave a legacy. A signature. I hope to touch and possibly change lives. I am deeply consoled by the fact that He has already been using me, even with my imperfections. He is using you too.

Love this fan-made video of Beyonce’s I was here.


Mind over matter…And an Ode to Momma.

”The mind is its own place, and in itself can make a heaven of hell, a hell of heaven.”

If you know me, you know I’m a momma’s girl. I make no apologies for it. If I become half the woman my momma is, I will have excelled in every area of my life. To me…mommy is an Icon. She is a mentor. A sister. A friend who does not hesitate to call me out when i’m wrong or tell just how proud she is of me when I’m doing well… And even though we don’t agree sometimes next to God I cannot think of anyone I love more.


For as long as I can remember mummy told us (me and my sister)… “Life is what you make it.” Of all the voices in my head… this is one of the clearest…in mum’s heavy voice…I hear it so often “Njeri, life is what you make it.” So you can imagine my delight when I read the quote above by Milton. It is mum’s words elaborated. It is resounding. The way you look at things… your perspective… your beliefs… your standards… your opinions…your words set the very pace of your life.

I’m certain you have heard this in all those motivational talks… Think positive! Speak positive! You are what you think! Remember the power of the tongue! The law of attraction e.t.c. I am here to tell you…it works! It really does…

Earlier today I read an article in the paper titled “For Worse or For Worse…” It was about couples who don’t expect a happy marriage and begin to look for trouble even when there isn’t any…perhaps to feel “normal?” because every normal couple has fights every now and then right? And besides the divorce rate is ever so high so if we go 2 or 3 weeks without even a tiff there must be something terribly wrong…

There are people in life with everything but they are really unhappy and others with just enough to get by but are more joyful and thankful than you can imagine. The mind is its own place. Contentment is a choice. It is a decision. You make up your mind to be happy with whatever life throws at you or work to change the situation. You decide not to sweat the small stuff…OR the big stuff.

“I know what it is to be in need, and I know what it is to have plenty. I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation, whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want.” -Philippians 4:12

You decide to tell your emotions to hush and refuse to be led by feelings. To accept that life is a journey. A race…and whether you flash like a Bolt or go long distance like Mo’Farah, you’re a winner. A winner by choosing resilience, tenacity, faith, heart!

My momma has taught me HEART. Giving up is never an option. In February this year, mummy was told that she had cancer. Stage 1. Thank God. But still..she had to fight. I had no work at the time…but boy did I work! My emotions were a mess and I still had to take charge at home. It wasn’t an easy time but I learnt in about 5 months more than I have learnt in my entire life. Being with mum as she battled made me a new person. Before the diagnosis I remember foolishly telling God that if the biopsy results came and mum had cancer.. I would rather die than watch her go through it. Man! Then the results came and I cried and I prayed and I had fear in my heart…

Mom however stayed STRONG! Wooh! She was strong on the good days and strong on the bad days. We would sit in her bed for hours on end and talk and pray and encourage each other. She was the patient but she did more of the encouragement. She kept saying that hers was  a ”Job experience”… that her sickness was only meant to glorify God. Not to destroy her. I remember this time with tears in my eyes! Tears of thanksgiving because even then, mum was still known as ‘sunshine‘ at the hospital where she went for treatment. She took it upon herself to encourage everyone at the cancer center. The doctors,patients, nurses and receptionists all knew and loved, LOVED her.

Now they are calling her to encourage people going through treatment because she is healed! God answered our prayers! God is faithful. And merciful. Aaand I love him. So, So much! Mum was declared cancer free in India in June this year. And while she was in India, after being jobless for 5 months I got 3 job offers. I had to be home and jobless. God had to school me on a number of things and for those lessons I am oh so thankful!

I hope someone is encouraged by this post…I feel like its a little all over the place. God is able! So able! And you CAN trust Him and give Him a chance to work on anything your mind has labeled ‘difficult’ or ‘impossible’. Put him to test.  Its all in the mind.

I love this song by Sauti Sol. Watch & Enjoy